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Know the Facts

We believe the biggest shortcoming in our profession is TRANSPARENCY. Our company offers a guaranteed price before you make any commitment of services.

OFFICE: 303-660-1124

Q-What is true up-front pricing and what exactly does that include?

A-Get at least an estimate before you make choices and know that you have the right to question the charges. Ask what the estimate will include, ie. parts/services. Can you provide your own fixtures for the job?

Q-Will the actual person doing the work be licensed or highly trained?

A-Check with DORA!! Be sure the person doing the work is licensed with the state of Colorado and holds a current Master Plumbing License. 

Price will always play a huge part in our decision making process. Just remember that all marketing, company frills, corporate identity, business growth, and other decisions are built into your costs. Whether the company you have hired considers these decisions to be pertinent to their success or not, you still have to pay for them. The cost of running a plumbing company may very, never the less, value is value and service is service.

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